Let us administer and collect your publishing income nationally and internationally for your publishing company. You keep ownership of your entire music catalog. H&H Music would handle all registrations, licensing and royalty collections for your firm with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or SOCAN. In addition, we would collect your mechanical royalties from the labels, as well as from the many digital distributors. H&H Music would also promote and issue licenses for film, TV, video games, samples and advertising agencies.

Your catalog would be our top priority. With your approval, H&H Music would also register your copyright with our network of independent global organizations to ensure you would get the most favorable royalty collection system possible.

You can count on our team to offer fast and accurate royalty accountings with a collection program that will consistently deliver your earnings from all sources of royalty income.

Each of us at H&H Music takes great pride in our ability to give you, the songwriter, excellent personal customer service and all the publishing income to which you are entitled.

In addition, if you desire, H&H Music would also pair you up with other songwriters to collaborate on future projects.

H&H Music is proud to say that our clients have had placements with NBC ABC, HBO, Netflix, Showtime, CBS, Disney, ESPN, Fox, Nike, Comedy Central, BET and numerous other film, TV, Video Games and Advertisers.


H&H Music navigates the complex maze to establish your royalty accounts with the label for Artist, Producer or Mechanical Royalty statements. We aggressively seek every income source possible to ensure that you receive all your royalties.

Our company has long standing relationships with all of the labels and we have a proven track record of getting our clients paid, royalty period after royalty period, year after year.

Maintaining files and following up on missing statements is time consuming. Let H&H Music manage that process for you to ensure that you get paid from all of your royalty sources.

Helping our clients to understand how they are paid is crucial. Everything we do is transparent and you will be paid immediately and directly to your bank account.


Many Independent Musicians in the United States are not currently collecting royalties for their recordings from other countries. Foreign Neighboring Rights address the contributions to a particular recording by the Musicians, Session Singers, Programmers, Arrangers and other essential contributors to a master recording for radio, streaming and certain performances. The 1961 Rome Convention Treaty regulates this. However, musicians cannot collect royalties for play of their recordings on radio within the United States, since the United States did not sign this treaty.

The good news is that several countries DO PAY Neighboring Rights, including Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Japan, Greece, France, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Poland. Since international collection societies vary in many different countries, a qualifying musician and other contributor must register each individual master recording with every society in each country in which their track is played.

The H&H Music Group team provides this complicated service to all our clients. Many H&H clients have received this significant new income source by utilizing our Neighboring Rights program.


Our team of experienced associates can and have performed detailed audits for Recording Artists, Songwriters, Publishers and Record Producers.

We specialize in examining sales figures, accounting practices, royalty rates and other data of record labels, music publishers and all other related distributors. We can identify the most common accounting errors that may lead to underpayment of royalties. There are a multitude of new income streams in today’s recording industry including complex digital download sales.

Your own CPA may already review your royalty statements; however by checking the statements alone, he/she cannot tell if you are receiving all of the income due you. H&H Music often works directly with your CPA and management. We can focus on label or publisher compliance with the terms of your contract by visiting their actual location to obtain the back-up documents, as needed, to perform our audit. After all, the purpose of an audit is to identify any underpayment resulting in the payer’s failure to comply for whatever reason, with the terms of your agreement.