H&H Music Group – Artist Royalty Service is an independently owned and operated music royalty administration company, working with Recording Artists, Songwriters, Publishers & Music Producers in all genres of recording including pop, hip hop, rap, rock, latin and country. Our company provides administration, research and analysis relating to each client’s royalty account to maximize accurate and on time revenue.

H&H has built strong relationships with all the major record labels, music publishers and many other income sources, worldwide. This insures prompt, scheduled royalty payments are made. If there are any delays in payment, H&H makes inquires to ensure payment delays or gaps are resolved quickly and amicably. This allows the artist to maintain a working relationship and build respect between themselves and the income sources without having to address the financial issues directly.

In addition to artist and producer royalty collections, H&H offers music publishing administration. With expertise in royalty collections, H&H often discovers errors and underpayments. Each issue is addressed immediately, ensuring that the artist receives maximum income from all royalty sources.